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  • Always manipulate the Eureka! Cup with clean hands. For the first use, sterilize the Eureka! Cup in boiling water for 4 minutes.
  • Look closely at the images and follow the steps: 

1st.- To right-handed, hold the Eureka! Cup by its crown between the index finger and the thumb of the left hand. With the fingertip of the right hand, bend the Eureka! Cup from any of its 4 tabs, to the deepest point of it. It will be folded.

2nd.- Extract the index finger without unfolding, and take the Eureka! Cup with the right hand. Find the position that is most comfortable for insertion into the vagina.

3rd.- Separate the vaginal lips with the left hand and enter the Eureka! Cup until it is whole inside the vagina (except the tube). When you remove your fingers, the Eureka! Cup will unfold inside the vagina. To help this happen, you can rotate the Eureka! Cup until you notice that it has been deployed successfully. You can check around the Eureka! Cup with your finger.

4.- Insert the tube into the vagina, with the help of fingers, until it is absolutely upright. The Eureka! Cup will be sealed and ready to enjoy it.


  • Empty the Eureka! Cup at least once every 12 hours. It may be necessary to empty it before, depending on the intensity of each period.
  • Before emptying, wash your hands if possible with hot water and neutral soap. Insert two fingers into the vagina and grab the tube to proceed to its extraction, always maintaining pressure so that blood does not flow through it. Aim at the toilet bowl and stop pressing the tube with your fingers, to allow the blood to descend to the toilet, until the cup is empty. Once the emptying is finished, raise the tube again, to the sealing position, as indicated above. If necessary, the tube can be cleaned with paper before reinserting it into the vagina.


  • To completely extract the Eureka! Cup, proceed as indicated in the emptying section, but instead of re-raising the tube, grab the base of the cup (not the tube) with two fingers and perform its extraction.
  • We recommend using the Eureka Cup until you find the easiest and most appropriate way to enter it, empty it and take it out. It may vary depending on each person.

Maintenance and Cleaning: 

  • During menstruation, wash the Eureka! Cup with hot water and neutral soap. Once the period ends, the Eureka must be sterilized! Cup and repeat this procedure just before using it again, in the next period. Sterilize the Eureka! Cup in boiling water for 4 minutes and store it in the bag included in the box.
  • Proper maintenance will prolong the life of the Eureka! Cup.


  • Capacity to the edge: 27.7 ML
  • Maximum diameter with the bent tube: 42MM
  • Length of the folded cup and tube: 44MM


  • Storage bag
  • Hygienically sealed plastic
  • Detailed instructions in 4 languages ​​

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