Our history

Our history

In order to explain the history of Sensual Intim, we must first introduce you to the psychologist and sexologist Montse Iserte.

More than 10 years of experience teaching TupperSex workshops allowed Montse to know in depth the main needs and concerns of women in relation to feminine health and intimate hygiene.


“When I spoke about the menstrual cup, the same handicap always shows up: what do I do if I am in a public bathroom?” – Montse


So after her great success with the design of the Pelvic Balls, in 2017 she decided to meet with a team of sexologists and a team of engineers from UPC to design the only menstrual cup that can be emptied without being removed from the vagina.

For more than a year and a half, the technical team with the collaboration of more than 100 women tried different systems of drainable cups until they found the definitive …

Since the invention of Pelvic Balls and Eureka! Cup the Sensual Intim team have worked hard to offer better alternatives for health care and feminine intimate hygiene, and we have more than succeeded!