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Ecological cotton panty liners


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Ecological cotton panty liners | Sensual Intim

Faced with the need for a more dignified and ecological menstruation, Sensual Intim expands its catalog and presents reusable cotton panty liners. It is an ecological fabric panty liner that will accompany you in those first or last days of your period and will be the ideal complement to the Eureka!Cup menstrual cup.

Why choose the reusable panty liners from Sensual Intim?

In the days of the period it is important to guarantee comfort and softness, especially if you opt for a healthier and more ecological alternative. When choosing a menstrual cup, especially when we are just learning how to use it, an ally is needed to protect us from possible leaks.

The reusable panty liners from Sensual Intim stands out in the health products market for using 100% handmade, vegan and free of animal abuse fabrics.

Thanks to this, Sensual Intim’s panty liners ecological fabric pad has the OEKO TEX 100 certificate, which verifies that there are no harmful substances or textiles throughout the manufacture of the product. That is why the Sensual Intim cloth pad is synonymous to safety, ecology and menstrual well-being.

How does the panty linersiners ecological fabric work?

Simply place the reusable pad on the panties and secure it using the nickel free click button. It is important to ALWAYS use it on the same side.

This is because the layer that is in contact with the vulva is cotton flannel, allowing contact with the inner layers that absorb blood. Thanks to this, the Salvaslip fabric pad guarantees waterproofing and breathability through its laminated fabric.

How long do ecological fabric panty liners last?

In the case of optimal care, ecological fabric pads last up to five years. For the optimal care of reusable panty liners you need to:

• Wash with neutral soaps that do not damage your fabric

• Do not dry/ clean at temperatures above 30ºC

Main characteristics of the panty liners ecological fabric:

• Measurements: 17.5 x 6 CM

•One size

• OEKO TEX 100 guaranteed certificate

• 100% handmade, vegan and free of animal abuse fabrics

• Safety and ecologic

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