Eureka! Cup


How long is the usable life of Eureka! Cup?
Unlike tampons and disposable pads, you can use Eureka! cup between 5 and 10 years, depending on the care you give it.  
Is it made of safe material?
Eureka! Cup is made 100% with medical silicone. A soft, hypoallergenic, safe, comfortable and resistant material.  


How often do you have to take out he cup?

Unlike the rest of the cups, Eureka! cup It allows you to empty it without removing it from the vagina for a long period of time, but to maintain proper intimate hygiene and avoid possible infections we recommend you take the cup out of the vagina every 12 hours to wash it with warm water and neutral soap, dry it well with a absorbent paper and reinsert it. In the meantime, don’t worry that you are wearing it and empty it where you need it without removing it from the vagina!  


Does the tube bother when you take it out or put it in?

The tube is made of the same material as the cup and it is very flexible and soft, so when you introduce it it is not painful and it does not bother once it is inside the vagina.
The tube is also designed with the exact shape and measure so that it stays fixed inside the vagina and does not come out, avoiding spillage. Although it seems long or rigid, it is very flexible and it is only a matter of practice to learn how to use it.  
What benefits does the cup have overt tampons?
Unlike tampons, menstrual cups do not absorb internal lubrication of the vagina and therefore do not dry or cause infections if you make proper use of them and remove and wash every 12 hours.
For the rest, Eureka! cup is the perfect alternative to tampons, because it is ecological, safe and effective and will collect your menstrual flow while you bathe in the pool or do any other activity without spills.  
How do you have to take out and put the tube?
The tube is made of the same material as the cup and is very flexible and soft, so when you enter it is painless and is completely attached inside the vagina and carry it comfortably without noticing. To introduce it you just have to fold it and put it inwards with your fingers and then check with your fingers (as you usually do) that the cup has been well placed and the tube also. It’s a matter of practice, you’ll see it’s very easy.  
Can the tube go out and cause spills?
The tube is designed with the appropriate shape and measure to keep it fixed inside the vagina and not Get out, thus avoiding spills, also thanks to its soft and flexible material you can carry it with total comfort without realizing it, just like the rest of the conventional cups.  
Three sizes: Discover here your ideal size?
We have 3 sizes, at your age you may need the M/L or the XL. M/L is the standard size and works in the case of 80% of people, and the XL is aimed at people with a weakened pelvic floor or large vagina When you have had a vaginal delivery, to decide between size M/L or XL you must assess how the pelvic floor has recovered after delivery.
If this has been weakened we recommend the XL, if on the contrary you have had a good recovery of the vaginal musculature and it has returned approximately to its initial tonicity, then the M/L  
Can it be used if you haven’t had sex yet?

In principle there should be no problem, think that although they have not had relations the hymen is usually perforated and, by Therefore, you will have no more difficulty introducing the cup than when you use tampons, for example. In this case, the diameter of the folded cup (introduction position) and that of the buffer are very similar. So everything is practical when learning to place and extract it.  


Can you practice sex with the cup on?

The use of the cup is fully compatible with sex without penetration. In fact, it can be a great advantage during menstruation, because it is so clean and comfortable, that it will make your menstruation invisible during your relationships.  


Hot to take good care of the menstrual cup between cycles?

Before and after each cycle it must be sterilized with boiling water (about 5 minutes) and always store it in the breathable cotton bag, included in the packaging.  


Toxic shock

The toxic shock is certainly something that needs to be addressed and investigated as soon as possible, many more studies are needed to be able to talk about it safely. However, unlike pads and tampons, the menstrual cup does not alter the vaginal flora, making it the safest and healthiest option for the body that we have today. Any new research on this subject will be the first to be shared with you 😊  


Blood stuck in the cup

Regarding your comments, I would like to advance that Eureka! Cup has been designed in order to allow the menstrual flux to flow and avoid the clots to block the tube. The size of the tube is the average size of the uterine neck. Furthermore, due to the viscous texture of the clots if there is a really big clot that is not able to get through the tube it will stay inside the cup. However, it won’t block the tube but allow the menstruation flux to keep flowing and emptying the flux because of the texture.    


Pelvic Balls


What are the benefits of using Pelvic Balls?
Strengthening the pelvic floor with Pelvic Balls has benefits for intimate health and improves quality of sexual intercourse At the level of health, a strong pelvic floor prevents urine loss, prolapse and prepares the body for a better pregnancy, childbirth and early postpartum recovery.
During menopause, the use of Pelvic Balls also prevents vaginal atrophy by keeping the vagina lubricated and flexible. On a sexual level, a strong pelvic floor allows us to have greater control of our vagina to press with more intensity so that we obtain more pleasant orgasms and more easily. In case of maintaining relationships with men we can also achieve greater friction during penetration and, in the case of having a high level of strength, put into practice techniques such as the ‘Pompoir’ or ‘Singapore Kiss’ which consists in giving pleasure to our couple only with vaginal movements.  
How are they used?
Before introducing Pelvic Balls into the vagina you have to cover them first with water-based lubricant (never use silicone lubricants), place them inside and at the beginning of the vagina, just enough to close the lips, and keep them inside while doing any activity in motion with a maximum of 3 hours at day.
Maintenance and cleaning
Before and after using Pelvic Balls you should clean them with cold or warm water and intimate soap or with specific disinfectant for erotic toys or health products intimate silicone. * You should never boil Pelvic Balls to sterilize them.  
How do you have to practice training?
Training with Pelvic Balls is easy and virtually invisible , because you can do it without spending time or effort while doing your daily activities. It is recommended to take Pelvic Balls daily between 20 and 30 minutes a day, with a maximum of 3 hours. In order to achieve optimal toning of the pelvic floor it is necessary to use them daily or on a regular basis with a minimum of 2 times per week.
To start the exercise you have to stand and move so that the weight of the inner ball can make small impacts against the outer sphere. This movement produces small contractions of the vagina as a reflex act that strengthen the pelvic floor.  
How do I know which my level is?
Unlike the rest, Pelvic Balls allow 5 levels of training. Starting with the empty outer ball and no weight inside, recommended for cases where the pelvic floor is weaker, passing through the ball of 20, 25, 35 and 50 grams *. To know what your level is, you must try the different weights. When you can bend over and the ball stays without difficulty inside the vagina, that will be the weight you should start with. To level up you must be able to hold the ball for half an hour or more, without any difficulty.  
Can it open inside the vagina?
Although Pelvic Balls are removable, the outer ball closure is patented is 100% safe. This is designed by experts from the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) to prevent it from opening inside the vagina and keeping it closed, for more safety the silicone strip firmly holds the outer ABS ball.  
What makes Pelvic Balls special?
Pelvic Balls, unlike the rest of pelvic balls on the market, are characterized by having only one ball instead of Two, more comfortable and easy to hold inside the vagina, also have an ergonomic design that facilitates its introduction and use. In addition, the outer ball made of ABS allows a greater and more efficient impact than balls covered with silicone.
Currently Pelvic Balls are the only balls on the market with 5 levels of training. Due to their design characteristics and the possibility of starting with a very low weight level, unlike other balls, they are highly recommended for women with a very weakened pelvic floor.  
Do they upset or give me pleasure?
The concept of ‘Chinese balls’ has erroneously been Always explained as an erotic toy intended to give pleasure, but Pelvic Balls do not give pleasure. Its insertion into the vagina provides a soft, barely noticeable massage intended for therapeutic use, which neither bothers nor gives pleasure.  
Is the silicone strip annoying?

The silicone strip is very soft and flexible, it is outside the vagina in at all times and its main function is to help remove Pelvic Balls from the vagina.

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