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An ideal pack to find the size that best suits your vagina. The only menstrual cup that can be easily emptied without removing it from the vagina, ideal for public bathrooms #LoveYourPeriod


Sterilizer Menstrual

Quick and easy cleaning Eureka! Cup ® #LoveYourPeriod

Intimate Cleaner

Add extra cleaning in your Eureka! Cup ® or Pelvic Balls ® #LoveYourPeriod

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Eco Bag Cotton

Eco bag 100% cotton. The best for traveling #LoveYourPeriod

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1 Eureka! Cup M/L & 1 Eureka! Cup XL both with its own packaging


1 Eureka! Cup S & 1 Eureka! Cup M/L both with its own packaging



  • Always knead the Eureka! Cup with clear hands. When using for the first time, sterilize the Eureka! Cup in hot water for 4 minutes.
  • Follow the steps:

1º.- For those right-handed grab the Eureka! Cup from the bigger and fold one part with your index finger so it has a C form.

2º.- Pull out the index finger not letting the menstrual cup unfold, grab the Eureka! Cup with the right hand. Find the position that feels more comfortable for the insertion of the cup into the vagina.

3º.- Separate the vagina lips with the left hand and insert the Eureka! Cup until it is entirely inside the vagina (except the tube). When removing the fingers, the Eureka! Cup will unfold itself inside the vagina. To help this happen, you can roll the Eureka! Cup until you can feel it has unfolded successfully. You can also verify it by going around Eureka! Cup with the finger.

4º.- Insert the tube inside the vagina until it is in a vertical position. The Eureka! Cup is sealed and ready to function.


  • Empty the Eureka! Cup at least once every 12 hours. Can be required to empty before 12 hours have passed, it depends on the intensity of the menstruation.
  • Before emptying remember to clean your hands, if possible, with hot water and neutral soap. Insert 2 fingers inside the vagina and grab the tube for its removal, always putting pressure with the fingers for the blood not to flow through it. Point at the WC and stop putting pressure so the blood can run through the tube. when it is empty, put the tube into the vagina again until it is in a vertical position the same way it has been inserted before. If necessary, you can clean the tube with toilet paper before putting it back into the vagina.


  • In order to remove the Eureka! Cup, follow the same steps when emptying it. But instead of inserting the tube again into the vagina, grab the base with two fingers (not the tube) put a bit of pressure and remove the menstrual cup.
  • We recommend the use of the Eureka! Cup until finding the right way of putting it, emptying it and removing it. It can be different depending on the person.

Maintenance and cleanliness: 

  • During menstruation, clean the Eureka! Cup with hot water and neutral soap. Once the period is over, Eureka! Cup needs to be sterilized, and repeat this process before using it again the next period. Sterilize the Eureka! Cup with our sterilizer cup or a pot, for 3 minutes and put in the sack included on the Eureka! Cup box.
  • The correct maintenance of the Eureka! Cup will extend its life.

It includes: 

  • A bag for the Eureka! Cup® Classic
  • 100% medical silicone
  • Label for hygienic sealed
  • Instructions in 4 languages

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