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Ideal Pack to find the size that best fits your vagina. The softest menstrual cup on the market and the most comfortable, healthy and ecological way to experience your menstruation #LoveYourPeriod


Sterilizer Menstrual

Quick and easy cleaning Eureka! Cup ® #LoveYourPeriod

Intimate Cleaner

Add extra cleaning in your Eureka! Cup ® or Pelvic Balls ® #LoveYourPeriod

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Eco Bag Cotton

Eco bag 100% cotton. The best for traveling #LoveYourPeriod

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This Pack includes:

1 Eureka! Cup® Classic M/L and 1 XL both with its own packaging


1 Eureka! Cup® Classic S and 1 M/L both with its own packaging

2 bags

Label for hygienically sealed

Instructions in 4 languages

Eureka! Cup® Classic


Live a period without hassle while taking care of your pelvic floor. As certified experts in intimate health, we now share with you a comfortable and flexible menstrual cup for the best adaptation to your vagina.

#LoveYourPeriod #ExpertasEureka


The menstrual cup Eureka! Cup® Classic collect the period blood and it has to be removed when full. It can be inside the vagina for up to 8-12 hours straight. After a maximum of 12 hours, it has to be cleaned with water, remove all the blood and introduce again inside the vagina.



  • Always knead the Eureka! Cup® Classic with clean hands. Before and after every period remember to sterilize the menstrual cup with our sterilizer cup.
  • Follow the steps:

1º.- For those right-handed grab the Eureka! Cup® Classic from the bigger part and fold one part with your index finger so it has a C form.

2º.- Pull out the index finger not letting the menstrual cup unfold, grab the  Eureka! Cup® Classic with the right hand. Find the position that feels more comfortable for the insertion of the cup into your vagina.

3º.- Separate the vagina lips with the left hand and insert the Eureka! Cup until it is entirely inside your vagina. When removing the fingers, the Eureka! Cup will unfold itself inside your vagina. To help this to happen, you can roll the Eureka! Cup until you can feel it has unfolded successfully. You can also verify it by going around Eureka! Cup with the finger.

4º.- Make sure the  Eureka! Cup® Classic is in a completely vertical position.  Eureka! Cup® Classic is sealed and ready to function.



  • In order to remove the Eureka! Cup® Classic, follow the same steps when emptying it.
  • We recommend the use of the Eureka Cup® Classic until finding the right way of putting it, emptying it and removing it. It can be different depending on the person.


Maintenance and cleanliness:

  • During your menstruation, clean the Eureka! Cup® Classic with hot water and neutral soap. Once the period is over, Eureka! Cup needs to be sterilized, and repeat this process before using it again the next period. Sterilize the Eureka! Cup® Classic with our sterilizer cup or a pot, for 3 minutes and put in the sack included on the Eureka! Cup box.
  • The correct maintenance of the Eureka! Cup® Classic will extend its life.



When it comes to the size appropriate for you, customers usually pick based on their menstrual flow or reviews on the website. Nevertheless, according to sexologists, it is important to choose your menstrual size based on the following matters:

  • Uterus height
  • If you have had vaginal labour or any type of surgery in the pelvic area
  • Your pelvic floor health (strength of it)

For that reason, our experts have developed the Eureka! Cup® Classic. Besides being manufactured with medical silicone, being hypoallergenic and ecologic, it features an innovative design.

The Eureka! Cup® Classic design is good for the environment at the same time it is for your pelvic floor. The Eureka! Cup® Classic main features are:

  • Flexible material. The menstrual cup Eureka! Cup® Classic is so soft and flexible that it adapts to the shape of the vagina while respecting the pelvic floor.
  • Easy to introduce. It has a few notches in the ring to make easier the introduction of the menstrual cup.
  • Availability in three sizes according to the height of the cervix and the condition of the pelvic floor.
  • Hypoallergenic, comfortable, soft and resistant material. It does not contain dyes, plastics, latex or other derivatives. 100% medical silicone.
  • Quality guarantee.
  • Designed in Barcelona by accredited professionals in Sexuality together with a team of engineers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Choose the menstrual cup that respects, meets the needs of your body and your lifestyle. With the Eureka menstrual cup! Cup® Classic you will be able to live menstruation without hassle while taking care of your pelvic floor.

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