Menstrual Eco Kit


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Do not have any limits with this fantastic Menstrual Eco Kit. The most comfortable, healthy and ecological way to experience menstruation #LoveYourPeriod


Intimate Cleaner

Add extra cleaning in your Eureka! Cup ® or Pelvic Balls ® #LoveYourPeriod

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Can you imagine a menstrual kit that includes your Eureka! Cup, your sterilizer, 2 cotton panty liners and also a 100% cotton eco toiletry bag? Now it is possible!

Your vacations, your excursions, your getaways and everything you imagine without limits, without worries. Live and experience your menstruation on another level with our Eco Menstrual Kit.

It includes:

  • Eureka! Cup of the size you choose
  • Eureka!Cup Sterilizer
  • 2 cotton panty liners
  • 100% cotton Eco bag

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