How to choose a menstrual cup?

At Sensual Intim we have listed the most important factors that are needed to take into consideration before choosing your next menstrual cup.



How to choose a menstrual cup?

After years of using the typical pads and occasionally tampons when going to the beach, we are gifted with the incredible ecological and super healthy alternative of the menstrual cup. You can listen everywhere – on the internet, social networks, friends – about the benefits of the menstrual cup, and perhaps it engaged your interest to try the menstrual cup.

It’s true, there is a wide variety of brands and types of menstrual cups on the market. Therefore, if there is no accessible information in this regard, it can be very difficult to choose which is the best menstrual cup for our body. So at Sensual Intim, we have listed the factors that need to be considered, and that will become your guide to choosing your next menstrual cup.


Know your body


Before considering using a menstrual cup of a certain type of size, hardness, or stem length, it is important to know your body to decide what is the ideal option for you. Take a mirror and observe your vulva: the mons pubis, external lips, clitoris, internal lips, urethra, glands, vaginal entrance, and perineum.

It is important to understand that all vulvas and vaginas are unique – they could have different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are all beautiful and normal just the way they are.


vulvas vulvodinia


The height of your cervix


Already knowing the shape of your vulva, it is time to know your body from the inside. The vaginal entrance, the vaginal walls follow, and, then the cervix and finally the uterus – which is usually in constant movement with the motor movements result of our daily activities and also according to the phase of the menstrual cycle.

According to fertility specialists, a cervix is ​​usually in a low, hard, and slightly open position for the menstrual load to flow. To know the height of your cervix you need:

  1. Wash your hands. Separate the lips and gently introduce your index finger –with a little lubricant–.
  2. Look deep down for your cervix, which should feel like the tip of a nose.
  3. With your finger inside and the cervix already located, measure the height of your cervix depending on which knuckle is close to the vaginal entrance. This is a rough guide:

So if your cervix is ​​low, you will probably need a small cup; if you are in a medium position, a universal-size menstrual cup will be adequate; and if it is in a very high position, the ideal would be a large size and, to remove the cup, it will be ideal to master the Kegel exercises to “lower” the cup to the entrance of the vagina.

In Sensual Intim, our Eureka! Cup is the universal size, being the only one in the world with easy emptying. It is ideal for the different heights of the cervix so that you can feel in control of your menstruation.

Get your own Eureka! Cup menstrual cup. 


The strength and flexibility of your pelvic floor


The pelvic floor is the entire set of muscles and connective tissues found in the lower part of the body. It goes from the mons pubis to the anus, cushioning physical pressures, supporting the viscera, reducing the incidence of both prolapse and urinary incontinence, improving body posture, and sensitizing the area for erotic-sexual pleasure.

If the pelvic floor is not strong, elastic, and toned, it is not recommended to start using a menstrual cup. Find out more about pelvic floor health and how to tell if you are strong, elastic, and toned.

Our Eureka! Cup has a design created by sexologists and engineers from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, which guarantees a friendly and gentle treatment with the pelvic floor. Being soft and light, it is adaptable to a pelvic floor during your training to achieve greater strength, elasticity, and toning.

copa menstrual eureka cup

The abundance of menstrual flow


Most menstrual cups on the market take into consideration the amount of menstrual flow to recommend which cup size to use. If you have a light flow, a small cup is enough; however, if it is excessive flow, a large cup will make a difference. However, many women have the doubt: how do I know how much flow I have?

Using the Eureka! Cup will help to answer this question. Thanks to its universal size design that allows accessible and easy- emptying, it can be emptied while doing your daily routine without any problem. 


Silicone quality


As a general rule, menstrual cups are made with special medical silicone. However, there been found menstrual cups with materials similar to silicone that have toxins that affect the health of the user in the long term. Therefore, it is essential to consider the quality of the material of the menstrual cup, which, invariably, can be reflected in the price of the product.

In the case of the Eureka! Cup is a menstrual cup with a patented design and made with 100% medical silicone. This provides a big number of health benefits: it is comfortable, durable, and safe; it is hypoallergenic; It respects the flora of the vagina and is ideal for sports, traveling, sleeping, bathing, etc. It is safe and compatible with the internal environment of the vagina, ensuring the health of the person to the maximum.

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