Why should you switch to Eureka! Cup?

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If you are already a user of menstrual cups, get ready for revolution because Eureka! Cup is the only easy-empty menstrual cup in the world, designed and patented by professional sexologists, together with technical engineers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) that allow you an easy and clean emptying wherever you go.

Forget about the dramas when it comes to emptying your cup or changing tampons in any public bathroom, college, work, or on the go. You can empty it without having to remove it from your body, being ideal for any public bathroom, at midnight, or when you need it in a super simple way so that you can enjoy your menstruation without limits.

If you still don’t know about menstrual cups, we give you 4 good reasons to switch to Eureka! cup


In recent years women have been discovering an alternative to tampons and pads: the menstrual cup. And there are very few who have not yet heard of it or do not have a friend, family member, or relative who has feverishly recommended its use. Despite the fact that cups are an invention older than our great-grandparents, there are still many women who have not dared to try them. In this article, we give you some reasons why to try Eureka! Cup by Sensual Intim and join the revolution of menstrual cups.

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First of all, for the environment: 1 Eureka! Cup is a 100% ecological intimate hygiene alternative because it is reusable and has a durability of approximately 10 years, which is equivalent to the use of about 1,800 tampons. Can you imagine the waste we produce we do by using tampons, pads and panty liners, which are not biodegradables?


Second, for the money, you will save because of Eureka! Cup is also an inexpensive alternative. Think about how you spend on average each month on conventional products that go from € 2.5 to € 8. How many months do you need to recover the money invested in a single Eureka! Cup? You can do the calculations by yourself and quickly you will begin to imagine everything you can do with the money you will be saving.


Third, for your health: Eureka! Cup is a healthy alternative because it takes care of your vaginal flora as unlike tampons, it does not absorb the natural lubrication of your vagina and that is why it does not cause the usual dryness that tampons produce or the possible infections derived from their use (Candida/bacteria). 

  1. Eureka! Cup has a durability of approximately 10 years, which is equivalent to the use of about 1,800 tampons
  2. The money you will save because Eureka! Cup is an inexpensive alternative
  3. Eureka! Cup is a healthy alternative because it takes care of your vaginal flora as unlike tampons


And if that were not enough, unlike tampons that contain toxic substances such as bleaches, which penetrate our body, Eureka! Cup respects your vaginal flora and does not release toxic products or fibers inside you. It is made with 100% medical silicone, soft, hypoallergenic, comfortable, resistant, and durable.


If all these reasons have not yet convinced you, try to know its maximum comfort. Being healthier and safer than tampons, you can wear it for up to 12 consecutive hours without worrying about taking it out to empty it, because it allows self-emptying without removing it from the vagina. Then you will only have to remove it, clean it with water and intimate soap, and insert it again. Magnificent to be able to sleep as much as your body asks and completely disregard your period.


Written by: María José Castañeda

Translated by: Thaïs Pascual

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