How to sterilize and clean the menstrual cup?

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When you start using the menstrual cup, doubts may arise about how, when, and with what to clean it. We will answer all your questions!


How to sterilize and clean the menstrual cup?


When we begin to use the menstrual cup, a lot of doubts can arise about how, when, and with what, and so on. It seems like a new world when we discover that we do not need to shamefully hide pads or tampons in our bags and that we can significantly reduce the costs of our pockets or our ecological footprint! For this reason, it is important to clarify any doubts that may arise to guarantee a wonderful experience of menstrual cup use.

Beginning to understand that menstrual cups, like all three sizes of Eureka! Cup is made with hypoallergenic medical silicone. That is to say, a completely harmless material for health, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and infections. And unlike pads and tampons, related to Toxic Shock syndrome, the menstrual cup does not leave chemical or toxic residues inside the body. Therefore, its cleaning is really easy.


How to clean a menstrual cup?


Before cleaning the menstrual cup, it is important to understand that the menstrual flow, by not coming into contact with oxygen, does not give off smells or contain bacteria that indicate “dirt”. For this reason, the menstrual cup is the perfect way to keep your integrity free of toxins and bad smells. In the case of Eureka! Cup, the only menstrual cup with easy emptying, you will need simply to pull the tube to empty the cup allowing the integrity of the menstrual bleeding to be perfectly maintained.

To keep the menstrual cup clean and sanitized throughout the cycle and over the months, it is important to place it in a cotton bag – usually included at the time of purchase.

To clean it during menstruation, it is necessary to remove it from the vagina every 12 hours and only rinse with hot water between putting on and making sure that the holes and marks are free of remains. You can also use a neutral soap if you need it along with the water.

One way to clean your menstrual cup is to fill it with warm water, covering it when it is filled with the palm of your hand and, with the other, squeezing it so that the water comes out under pressure through the small holes.


How to sterilize the menstrual cup?

With a saucepan

In a saucepan, bring water to boil. At its boiling point, when there are bubbles, but the menstrual cup. Time 4 minutes. No more no less. If the time is exceeded, the cup may burn out and become unusable.

Sterilization of the menstrual cup is recommended to be done once a month. It can be done just before the period; although there are people who usually do it before and after the cycle.

como limpiar y esterilizar la copa menstrual

With the Eureka! Cup Sterilizer

Another way to sterilize the menstrual cup is by using the Eureka! Cup Sterilizer. Use it is simply:

  • Fill the sterilizing glass with water without reaching the rigid edge (preferably with low calcium water to avoid white spots) and insert the Eureka! Cup with the tube folded inside.
  • Put in the microwave with the lid open for about 2-3 minutes allowing the water to boil.

It is important to consider not heating more minutes than recommended, as it can compromise the structure of the menstrual cup. Once the microwave buzzer has sounded, remove the glass and the glass from the glass being careful not to burn yourself. Once the cup is sterilized, wash the cup and store it in a cloth bag to avoid it being in contact with pathogens in the environment until the next cycle.

esterilizador copa menstrual

With a spray cleaner

Sensual Intim Cleaning Spray is free of alcohol and antibacterial substances, making it a gentle and effective product to give your intimate hygiene products extra cleanliness. To use this Sensual Intim cleansing spray in your menstrual cup, just:

  • Wash your menstrual cup with water and intimate soap,
  • once dry, apply the cleaner and rub the product,
  • rinse again with water and you’re done.

Once your menstrual cup is clean, store it in a cloth bag to prevent it from being exposed to pathogens until the next menstrual cycle.

kit sensual intim

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