Horror stories: when the menstrual cup gets stuck

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There is no horror story capable of mixing panic and laughter like when a menstrual cup gets stuck inside the vagina.


Horror stories: when the menstrual cup gets stuck


Throughout our life we ​​can have multiple anecdotes to share. Some are funny and some are sad. However, there is no horror story capable of mixing panic and laughter like when a menstrual cup gets stuck inside the vagina. It is the least kind of story shared neither online nor by word of mouth among friends.

It is very complex to know how to act when a situation like this happens to one, especially when we find ourselves in a society without sexual education and very little knowledge about ourselfs anatomy. Especially when is your first time using a menstrual cup. In fact, anecdotes of a stucked menstrual cup swarm in the hospital emergency room. Horror stories that can end in trauma.


When do we need to go to an emergency room? 


There are occasions when, in the absence of knowledge of the body, one cannot distinguish between the vulva and the vagina, the parts of the vagina, and so on. Even more! You can even have the false belief that the vagina is so vast that … it results in a black hole. So when putting on a menstrual cup, looking for it to take it out and not finding it… It can generate panic! Support is requested from the mother, sister, partner, closest friend so that she can fish that small object that was lost in the immensity of the vaginal walls … And in case option A and B fail, the third option turns out to be the charm in a hospital emergency room.

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menstruacion digna


Why does a menstrual cup get stuck?


Just as there is an immense diversity of menstrual cups, there is also an immense diversity of vaginas. Therefore, the menstrual cup that can work perfectly for one person is not the best option for another.

The most common medical explanation for a clogged menstrual cup is the position of the uterus. By placing a menstrual cup, it stays in a single position between the vaginal walls. Depending on the intensity of movement that is made and the height of the uterus, the menstrual cup can rise towards the uterus or stay in place. That is, if the uterus is very high, the menstrual cup could rise a little through the vaginal canal, away from the entrance of the vagina.

For this reason, it is advisable to choose a menstrual cup appropriate to the height of the uterus. If the uterus is very elevated, a large menstrual cup is best; if the uterus is very close to the vaginal entrance, a small menstrual cup is recommended. The universal size of the menstrual cup, like the Eureka! Cup, they are very functional for the uteri with a common height.

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What to do if my menstrual cup got stucked?


The most important and immediate thing to do is: do not, NOT panic.

Once you understand that the vaginal canal is a limited space, whose border is the cervix, it is enough to be patient to locate the menstrual cup and remove it. It is a moment to –re-know the body from the inside.

It is essential not to cut the tip of the cup, even if it is believed that it is very large or is located “outside” the vagina. It will only promote your cup to get stuck again. But above all, and perhaps the most important thing is to get to know the height of your cervix in order to wisely buy the ideal menstrual cup that better fits your body and avoid horror stories.

Written By: @maria.jose.ca

Translated by: @thaispascual

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